Monday, April 11, 2011

HERO - Korean Movie 히어로 (Hero. 2010)

Also Known As: 히어로 (Hi-eo-ro)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: None at the moment. Do not request.
Year: 2010
Genre: Action, Fantasy

Sim-dan gets bullied everyday in his school, becomes a vampire after an unexpected accident. After accepting this change, he saves a blind person who fell down on a subway track, thanks to his power. His story goes on air on TV news all over the nation, and many people start to call him a ‘Hero’. On the other hand, Sim-dan’s friends start to wonder about his power and dark force, appearing after a long sleep. He is after the girl he loves and people around him.

Kim Hyeong-gyoo-I
Han Jeong-woo
Lee Da-in
Han Ye-won
Kwak Min-ho

[Download Movie Part 1]
[Download Movie Part 2]
[Download Movie Part 3]
[Download Movie Part 4]


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