Thursday, April 14, 2011

[Taiwanese Drama] Endless Love - 愛∞無限 / Ai ∞ Wu Xian

Synopsis :

Liang Jing Hao and Song Rui En fell in love despite their social difference. Soon, they were engaged to be married. However, their happy union was shattered when he discovered that her philanthropic father was the driver who killed his mother in a hit and run years ago and the cause of his father's suicide on their wedding day. The devastated Jing Hao chose to disappear rather than exposing the crime committed by Run En's father. When he resurfaced years later Rui En had to choose either moving on with her life as he did with his or fighting for his forgiveness and saving their love.

Detail Information :

Title: 愛∞無限 / Ai ∞ Wu Xian
English title: Endless Love
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 15
Broadcast network: CTS
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-22 to 2010-Nov-28
Air time: Sunday 22:00 - 23:30
Opening theme song: Wo Men Dou Pa Tong (我們都怕痛) by Wilber Pan
Ending theme song: Cai Hong Yu (彩虹雨) by Huang Yu Xun 黃宇矄
Producer: Chai Zhi Ping, Chen Qian Ru 陳倩如
Director: Lin He Long
Screenwriter: Quan Zhao Juan 權昭娟, Li Xiao Zhen 李孝珍, Jiang Jia Hua 蔣家驊, Xiao K 小K
Cast :
Wilber Pan as Liang Jing Hao 梁景皓
Sandrine Pinna as Song Rui En 宋瑞恩
Lin Yo Wei as Li Min Shuo 李民碩
Sumiya Nemi (住谷念美) as Xu Xin Jie 許心潔
Allen Chao as Song Wan Ji 宋萬紀
Wang Mon Ling (王夢麟) as Liang Fu Cheng 梁福城
Bu Xue Liang as Gym owner
Huang Deng Hui (黃鐙輝) as NoQ
Huang Zhong Kun (黃仲崑) as Mob boss
Lu Man Yin (呂曼茵) as Home health aide
Ge Lei (葛蕾) as Luo Hui Ying 羅惠英
Linda Liao as Zhao Bi Yun 趙碧雲
Chen Shi Ying (陳詩穎) as Tong Tong 童童
Angus Zhang as Mei Ru 美如
Elmo Dai (戴家昀) as Yang Xue Zhe 楊學哲
Yan Jia Le as Xin Jie's mother


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