Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[Hongkong Movie and Drama] Marriage With a Liar - 婚前試愛 (Hun Qian Shi Ai)

Detail Information :
Movie: Marriage with a Liar
Chinese: 婚前試愛 (Hun Qian Shi Ai)
Director: Patrick Kong
Writer: Patrick Kong
Release Date: December 23, 2010
Language: Cantonese
Country: Hong Kong

Kiki (Chrissie Chau), a sexy and charming OL, will be married to hr cop boyfriend Sean (Him Law) in a week. During the hen night, Kiki encounters a handsome photographer named Jack (Z.O.) and falls head over heels for him. The half drunk Kiki cannot resist having a one-night stand with him. At the same night, Sean encounters a girl named Bobo (Carol Yeung) during the night when he and his colleagues go to nightclub on a police operation. She offers him sex as a means to thank Sean for his generosity. The next day, Bobo forwards a proposal to be his girlfriend for 3 days with no strings attached and disappears affer his wedding. Can Kiki and Sean resist the temptation to have a last fling before their marriage? How will that affect their love and marriage?

Cast :
Chrissie Chau
Chung Him Law
Carol Yeung
Timmy Hung
Kong Kim
Charmaine Fong
Jacquline Chong


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